Croatia – Exceptional place we have ever been to

Croatia – Exceptional place we have ever been to

Generally people will be eagerly waiting for their holidays since it gives a break from their regular stressful routine. Most of the people will travel to different places to spend the vacation. Travelling to a new place will always give us an immense pleasure and also it gives more excitement to the people. Likewise we have decided to go Croatia as we heard many interesting things about the place.


One of my family member has visited Croatia before and he was one suggested me to go there. We started our travel to Croatia and reached there by evening. We have planned everything for the upcoming days in that night itself. In the following passages i will tell you the things we have done in Croatia.

Croatian views

People those who want to some outstanding natural views must visit the seashore of pula. As like the other cities which have been mentioned, pula is also located in the seashore and it was a pleasant place to spend the time. Once we reached the seashore, we took a rental catamaran and went for a ride inside the. When compared to the yacht experience, this gives us an exciting and thrilling experience. The day we spent in the seashore of pula was unforgettable and enjoyable.

Charter is fun

Trogir is a known as historic town in Croatia and people those who visit Croatia will never miss this place. Trogir is a beautiful place which is fully surrounded with amazing natural views. It gives us a different feeling and experience and we would definitely visit this place again.

We started our cruise in Croatia by taking a yacht from website Velmundi, link to their offer HERE ->>> in Croatian section. The best way is to go with other vessels and use flotilla yacht charter Croatia with the most trusted partners, who offer 24/7 help, have 125 ideas per day.

yachts and sea

Split is the first city we have visited in our trip and we have heard that the place is well-known for yachting. Once we reached the seashore we planned to take a yacht and have a ride. The yachts were available in different rentals and we were looking for an affordable price and finally we have got one and begin our ride into the sea. It was a beautiful experience to travel in a yacht charter. Everyone in the world must experience that at least once in their lifetime. We have visited many small islands and it was like an adventurous trip we have seen in many movies.

yachting in Split

After an exciting day in split, we have moved to Trogir which is another beautiful place in Croatia. People in the Croatia are named this city as historic town because there are many ancient architectural buildings. Also people in the place keep the city very clean and beautiful. There are many marinas in Croatia: ACI Marina Split, Marina SCT Trogir or marina Veruda in Pula in Istria. Around Dubrovnik there are not many harbour marinas, and from there you can use this service: yacht charter Croatia with this company.

Split, Dubrovnik

Pula is one among the Croatia cities which is located in the coastline. It is a nice place to visit and the natural views in the seashore will be outstanding. We were amazed by those things when we reach there. We took a sailing boat for rent and went into the sea in the evening time. We stopped the boat in a particular location and waiting to see the sunset. It was such a heavenly and divine experience to take a look at the sunset by being in the middle of the sea. It gives us indescribable feeling at that time and everyone who visits pula must see this view.

Pula in Croatia

Dubrovnik is a nice place and it includes many beautiful places. It was the next place we have visited after pula. By visiting this place, we could get to know more about Croatia and Croatia (Croatian) language since there are many museums and they are having lot of historical elements. That was a good experience to visit all the museums in Dubrovnik. Also it is an excellent place for shopping and food. There were many restaurants and we visited few of them for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food they served was outstanding in the taste. People would pay any cost for such a delicious food recipes.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)